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'''Matthew Fontaine Maury''' (January 14, 1806 – February 1, 1873), United States Navy, was an American astronomer, historian, oceanographer, meteorologist, cartographer, author, geologist, and educator, LL.D. He was nicknamed "Pathfinder of the Seas" and "Father of Modern Oceanography and Naval Meteorology" and later, "Scientist of the Seas," due to the publication of his extensive works in his books, especially ''The Physical Geography of the Sea'' (1855), the first extensive and comprehensive book on oceanography to be published. Maury made many important new contributions to charting winds and ocean currents, including ocean lanes for passing ships at sea. In 1825 at age 19, Maury obtained, through the then-US Congessman Sam Houston, a Midshipman#United States Navy .281794.E2.80.931845.29|midshipman's warrant in the United States Navy.Wikisource:Popular Science Monthly/Volume 37/July 1890/Sketch of Matthew Fontaine...
Birth date{{Birth date|1806|1|14}}
Birth placeSpotsylvania County, Virginia
Death date{{Death date and age|1873|2|1|1806|1|14}}
Death placeLexington, Virginia
Resting placeHollywood Cemetery (Richmond, Virginia)|Hollywood Cemetery
Other names| known_for =
OccupationOceanographer, naval officer, educator, author
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Allegiance{{Flag|United States of America|1822}}
{{flag|Confederate States of America}}
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